Merabi Organization Group


Our expertise in acquisition, developing, redeveloping and managing all our commercial Real Estate goes back more than two and the half century.


Acquisition is one of the imperative department and team group part of Merabi Organization Group, LLC. MOG’s distinctive approach to development starts with site selection. We choose communities that offer a positive atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and an appreciation of the quality that MOG provides its Offices, retails residents tenants.


MOG’s Investment department is always looking for opportunities to purchase CRE, expanding and achieving our business goals. MOG’s team of skilled and experienced associates will locate and analyze real estate projects that fit our acquisition criteria. Ideal acquisition projects, both stabilized and value add, include office, retail and residential.


MOG has successfully orchestrated the development of commercial and residential real estate. The firm´s development team maintains vast experience in build-class A luxury building and redevelopment projects and offers flexibility in its rental building.

Self Manage

MOG is all about team & teamwork, the ability to work together toward a common vision… SUCCESS-GIVE BACK- SHARE… It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” IN OUR ENTITY OUR LEADERSHIP IS BASED ON: If our actions inspire others to be better people, give more, dream more, learn more, do more and become more, than we have done our leading wisely.

Merabi Organization Group

Merabi Organization Group acquire, Invest, Develop, Redevelop, Lease and self-manage its own luxury class A Commercial, and residential rental building in core neighborhood and community in the US that are located primarily in the New York, California, Florida, Texas.
MOG The Most Trusted Name in Commercial Real Estate CRE
  • Friar Building suite occupancy 90% full
  • residential development projects los angeles
  • residential development projects New York

MOG Team

Family Owned and Managed
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Kambiz Merabi

He provides the intrinsic leadership and direction at MOG; Mr. Merabi determine the future of the MOG, its strategy, structure and protect his company’s assets and reputation.
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Arezoo Merabi

Chief Marketing Director
She is a directing Partner & Directs marketing actives, and marketing communication at MOG.
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Adena Merabi

Chief Public Relation Director
She is Partner, directing all public affairs for MOG.
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Adiela Merabi

Managing Member, Interior Design
She is junior member, directing all architect and design at MOG.
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Daniela Merabi

Managing Member, Leasing
She is junior member, directing legal, and general counsel at MOG.


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